5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Apologetics To Your Children

The Musings of Mum

Apologetics have become a very important part of my life. I’m the type of person that needs to fully understand the why, behind every because. For ten years I’ve read countless books on Christian theology, attended conferences, and taken classes at church. I can say whole-heartedly say that I know why I believe what I believe, however it wasn’t until recently that I felt a calling to share not only what I’ve learned, but to urge my family to always be ready.

Studies show we are losing our kids to the world in elementary, middle school, and high school and not in just in college as previously thought.

I want to challenge you into digging into God’s word deeper. I want to encourage you to teach your children more than Bible stories, and I want to help you promote a true desire for knowing God personally through His word and His creation.

Every Friday, starting today, I’ll be covering topics in apologetics to help equip you and your family with answers to the hard questions. We’ll start by discussing why apologetics should be a priority in your home.

1. To encourage a well-rooted foundation.

If you’re a believer, you’ve either read or narrated the Genesis account of creation to your children. We see it as history, as fact, as truth and we present it as such. When our children are young, they believe every word, until one day they don’t.

When they start to question what we’ve taught them we refer them to scripture and tell them of the love of Jesus. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but we must teach our kids why we believe what we believe…


5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Apologetics To Your Children – The Musings of Mum