Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

by Luke Nix

Several years ago cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace wrote the book Cold-Case Christianity. When Wallace first read the gospels, as an atheist, he noticed that they read like eye-witness accounts that he was used to analyzing everyday. He decided to conduct an investigation of Jesus’ resurrection just like a cold-case. Cold-Case Christianity takes the reader through his investigation and encourages the reader to be the “jury” to evaluate the evidence. You can read my full review of it here: Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity.

That book has been quite popular and has helped numerous people to see the evidence for the truth of Christianity. Because of that, Wallace and his wife decided to take the content and adapt it for a younger audience. The result is the book Cold-Case Christianity for Kids.

The Story
Wallace wrote this edition as a story of a police cadet academy, where the new recruits (including the reader) learn how to investigate mysteries. One of the cadets locates an old skateboard that their instructor, Detective Jeffries, uses during their eight-week training to explain the various techniques used to investigate mysteries. The first thing Detective Jeffries explains to the new cadets is to never come to an investigation with their minds already made up- do not be “know-it-alls.” One of the cadets asked if Christians were “know-it-alls” for saying that Jesus did miracles and came back from the dead. Detective Jeffries decides to take the cadets on an investigation into the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection alongside the mystery of the skateboard. As principles are taught using the skateboard mystery, the cadets then apply them to the claims made in the Bible. The detective teaches eight basic principles to the cadets…


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