Providing The Case Against And Solutions For Abortion

by Luke Nix

As I have defended the truth of the Christian worldview over the last decade or so, I have been investigating the finer details of the Christian worldview also. It is not enough to defend a “mere” Christianity, for many skeptics see contradictions between reality and what many Christians believe. We must also investigate and defend these theologically nuanced portions of the Christian faith (for more details on the importance of investigating and defending the details, see my post “Internal Debates and Apologetics“).

One the big internal debates that skeptics see as internally inconsistent is the area of ethics and morality. But not just having the proper view of morality, but seeing it lived out in the Christian’s life (the issue of hypocrisy in the Church). An accurate ethical system and the consistent application of it are just as apologetically important as defending the essential truths of the Christian worldview. But this goes beyond just those who are intentional with philosophically and scientifically defending the faith. This affects every Christian‘s evangelical witness. This is why I have been recently addressing defending the correct ethical system (see my review of “Christian Ethics: Options and Issues” by Norm Geisler) and how it should be applied in our lives (particularly in the area of politics; see my review of “Legislating Morality” by Geisler and Turek and my post “How Should Christians Vote In Political Elections“). My attention has been more acutely focused on our moral duty to protect life.

Protecting Life in the Past vs. Today

I have been aware of the pro-life moment since I was in elementary school where one of my teachers was considered a pro-life activist. This teacher would energize the students with stories of the efforts taken politically and culturally to save lives. However, a case for the pro-life position was never presented (at least that I can recall) beyond “the Bible says not to murder.” When I was exposed to Scott Klusendorf’s “The Case For Life” (click the title for my chapter-by-chapter review), I realized that if I were to be a part of the pro-life movement that I did not have to merely shout conclusions, but I could also make a clear and concise scientific and philosophical case for my pro-life position as reflecting an objective, morally good. One of the quotes that I have highlighted in the book is this:

“For too long the pro-life movement has been shouting conclusions rather than establishing facts. Staying focused on the status of the unborn brings moral clarity to the abortion debate.”

That very first sentence really struck me since I am one who prefers to be able to provide a case for what I believe to be true.

A Political Conversation

Over the weekend I was in a conversation on Facebook regarding the topic of abortion. This particular Facebook group tends to discuss the more philosophical side of Christians in politics, so it was a great opportunity to expose the members to Klusendorf’s book (and “Legislating Morality” by Giesler and Turek). As to be expected in a Christian group, I was “preaching to a choir” regarding the conclusion that life should be protected by law. Where the conversation turned next, though, brought out another example of a conclusion that cannot simply be shouted: solutions. The discussion quickly moved towards what legislation could be proposed to protect life. Of course, being that at this time, America is in an election year, the issue of what candidates support came up. One commenter, though he was opposed to abortion, was more focused on what could be done to reduce the number of abortions and preserve life until (if) abortion is outlawed.

The Initial Challenge

In my initial defense of life, I seemed to imply that I was proposing the only way to protect life is to make abortion illegal. The commenter seemed to think that I affirm that anything less than total illegalization is worthless. So, he challenged me, not on my case for life but on what creative, legislative solutions I had to offer…


Faithful Thinkers: Providing The Case Against And Solutions For Abortion