The Untapped Tool for Christian Apologetics

by Chris Bruno

A few years ago I was flying to San Francisco from my home in Honolulu. As I waited to board, I noticed many larger-than-average men getting on the plane. When I looked a little closer, I recognized a few familiar faces. On my left was Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers. Behind me, I saw Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens. I saw Alex Smith, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. There were other faces I couldn’t place, but I was confident they were NFL players. The odds of that many NFL stars ending up on the same flight from Honolulu to San Francisco would be incredibly low.

But when I tell you my flight was a few days after the Pro Bowl, the NFL all-star game in Honolulu, it makes sense. There could be many NFL players on the flight because there were many NFL stars in town.

Once you understand the bigger picture of what was happening in Hawaii that week, you understand why there were so many NFL players on one flight. And while I was a bit worried about the weight distribution of so many men larger than 250 pounds on one flight, we made it to San Francisco just fine.

Your Spectacles

I later realized that flight isn’t much different from the way we should interpret the events of our lives. Unless we understand the broader context of God’s plan in history, we won’t make sense of the individual pieces of our lives.

This might sound like Christianity 101, but the Bible’s storyline and the story of our lives need to line up. Our biblical theology needs to inform our practical worldview. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case…


The Untapped Tool for Christian Apologetics