5 Ways to Help Keep Your Kids From Becoming Secularized Worshipers

by Alisa Childers

As a worship leader and as a parent, I have a deep desire to help equip my kids to approach God with genuine worship that is insulated from the secular influence of the culture they are growing up in. This is no easy task.

To secularize something means to remove anything from it that has to do with God or religion. It’s no secret that our society is becoming more and more secularized by the day. American secularism, in particular, is very “me” focused. Everywhere our kids turn, they are met with messages like, “Follow your heart!” and “Believe in yourself!” and “You can be anything you want to be!” With God removed from the picture, these messages can be very enticing.

Such messages are focused on self-examination and self-affirmation, resulting in an experienced-based understanding of reality. Good doesn’t get defined by what God says is good, it becomes defined by what feels good. In other words, if it feels good to me, it is good.

The attitudes and influences of secularism can even creep into our kids’ worship, so as parents, we need to be vigilant in helping them understand that our worship should be God-centered, not “me”-centered.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very emotive worshiper. Connecting our emotions with God’s truth is a beautiful thing, and I want my kids to experience all the benefits of worshiping God. However, it’s vital that we first define worship correctly:

Christian worship seeks to glorify God, while secularized worship seeks to glorify our experience of worshiping God.

How can we help our kids understand this? Here are 5 important things we can do…


5 Ways to Help Keep Your Kids From Becoming Secularized Worshipers