A Life Without God Is A Life Of Fantasy

by Terrence Covin

There’s a popular secular claim that most of us are aware of and that is the claim that religion is a crutch.  Religion, secularists say, is something that the weak minded use to make sense out of life.  That those who follow a religion are too lazy or self-delusioned to ask the hard questions of life.  They assert the claim that theists are people of a much lower IQ and are simply not educated on the sciences of life.  That due to this lack of intellect, theists just use God to fill in the blank as it pertains to explaining the world around them.  Somehow, the idea of God seems to make theists comfortable and that the promise of some sort of afterlife provides an even greater security.  Those who peddle the claim that religion is a crutch believe that if you disassociate yourself from religion, you remove your crutch in life.  With the crutch removed, you are then free to live in what the secularists might call reality.  This reality is a place where God is not needed.  It is a place where science, no matter how deficient, explains everything or has the possibility of explaining everything.  In this reality people inherit intellectual freedom, no longer held captive by the dogmas of religion.

In this reality, society determines the rules.  Not the religion of a giant sky daddy, as the secularists might claim.  In this reality, man is at the center of the universe.  The universe merely exists for his enjoyment.  It is in this reality, that truth is determined by whatever we say is true.  It doesn’t matter that science is unable to answer important questions that center around the origin of life, such as where we came from, why and for what purpose.  In this reality, the question of why mankind exists is no more important than what is for breakfast and science is more about process than answers.  This is a reality where mankind has no absolute objective purpose for being.  We just accept the fact that we all exist and we live life in a way that is pleasing to us as individuals or as a society.  In this reality, it is all about us.

The secularist’s reality is one where a “right” today, can be a “wrong” tomorrow.  Something we all champion for today may end up being something we fight against in the future.  In this reality, things like killing your own baby was once thought of as something egregious, but now people champion it as something good and part of free choice.  Law by consensus, not truth, is the way of life.  Whatever feels good, is counted as morally good…


A Life Without God Is A Life Of Fantasy