Are Faith and Knowledge contradictory?

by Noah Myers

Last week I met with some Mormon missionaries to learn more about their faith. And one of my go to questions brought up an interesting perspective that Mormons have on faith and knowledge. They believe that you cannot know something and also have faith in it.  
In the Book of Mormon it says “Yea, there are many who do say: if thou wilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe. Now I ask, is this faith? Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe for he knoweth it.” Alma 32:17-18

Without all the yea’s, thou’s and eth’s this passage is basically saying that one cannot believe in a thing that he really knows. The prophet Alma in this passage refuses to give a sign because if they had a sign then they couldn’t really believe. This whole premise is first of all illogical but secondly unbiblical.

Faith and Knowledge together is Logical

Of course someone can know something and also have faith in it. I know that 2+2=4, I have faith in and I trust it. I know that I can trust my parents does that mean I can’t believe in them? Of course not! Furthermore what if we applied this same logic that Alma uses in other parts of life.


Are Faith and Knowledge contradictory?