Atheism is the Burger King of Worldviews

By Roger Browning

I once read an article about a 1,000-pound man who died in such a way that the walls of his house had to be knocked out and his body removed with a forklift. The obesity isn’t what struck me. Nor was it what was found in his bedroom—fast-food. The room was riddled with McDonald’s and Burger King wrappers among other things like bags of chips and snack food. No. All those things seemed, at least in my mind, to be obvious contributors to the severe obesity. What surprised me was the cause of death—malnutrition.

I remember thinking, how is this man malnourished? Certainly, he had all the nourishment he needed; it must be all the other garbage surrounding the nourishment behind the untimely demise. Alas, that just wasn’t the case. As it turns out, just because something provides energy, fills the belly, and gives the illusion of provision, none of those must be true simply because it comes packaged in a box labeled ‘food’.

Burger King has done well to combat the processed meat age of the late 1970’s/1980’s. In fact, their market takeover of the fast-food industry was in no small part due to the appeal to “Have it your way” advertising which, “aimed to contrast Burger King’s flexibility with McDonald’s famous rigidity.”[i] What’s interesting about this strategy, nothing became ‘heathier’ only more smoke and mirrors; pay no attention to the nutrition, have it your way.

This thought came screaming to me, front of mind, as I read this snippet on

“However, if schools allow Bibles or any other religious literature to be distributed, they are required to allow the distribution of all religious or outside materials, including atheist literature.”

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve debated and reasoned with atheists who adamantly and passionately insists that atheism in not a religion. It’s not a religion, unless, of course, it appears to have benefits. The more and more I looked at atheism the more and more I see a handful of options made to order…


Atheism is the Burger King of Worldviews – A Clear Lens