Case-Making 101: Prophecy and the Bible

by Teri Dugan

We have been laying out a “Case for the Bible” over the past few posts and the evidence collection has been based on a question that many have posed: How do we know the Bible is the Word of God? You can be skeptical of the Bible as I once was but at some point, in light of the avalanche of evidence, you have to pause and ask yourself: Could it be true? If there is at least a 50/50 chance based on the evidence you’ve seen here that the Bible is the Word of God (and its more like 90/10) don’t you owe it to yourself to consider it?

J. Warner Wallace, Cold-Case Homicide Detective and former atheist turned Christian Apologist says: “There is so much evidence for the reliability of the Bible that it is like death by 1000 paper cuts,” and this is exactly the type of evidence he has used in prosecuting and winning cold-cases in the span of his career.

Some of the evidence we have looked at so far includes the following:

Physical Evidence:

  • Consistent internal evidence of a cohesive historical document spanning at least 1500 years of time with at least 40 authors from various walks of life yet a singular mega-theme runs through all of the 66 individual books
  • Confirmation by both Christian and non-Christian scholars as a reliable and valid historical document of antiquity
  • Deemed a literary masterpiece by both Christian and non-Christian scholars
  • Supported by Jewish history that was well established centuries before the time of Jesus
  • Strict Scribal copying rules (4000+) over the centuries that contributes to the accuracy of transmission
  • Massive amounts of early manuscripts and fragments in the original languages available for comparison (over 25,000)
  • Strong archeological support from over 25,000 finds confirming Biblical accounts, none ever discounting any Biblical record

Eyewitness accounts:

  • Multiple eyewitness testimony reported in primary sources both inside and outside the Bible
  • Non-Christian testimony from historians and hostile witnesses that support the Biblical record
  • Millions (maybe billions) of changed lives over the centuries evidenced in personal testimonies and experiences with Jesus through the Word of God

In addition to an abundance of evidence in the above categories we have fulfilled prophecy. The evidence in this category is so overwhelming that even ardent atheists have been swayed. Nothing is more profound than Biblical prophecy and its fulfillment!

There are many people over time who have claimed prophetic abilities but they all fall short when it comes to accuracy in their predictions and specific details of the fulfillments. This is not the case with the Bible…


Case-Making 101: Prophecy and the Bible – Truth, Faith and Reason