Greg’s Note: The following is an article from a Ratio Christi Newsletter written by our president, Corey Miller, which illustrates just one of the many reasons that I accepted RC’s invitation to join their staff and to co-brand The Poached Egg with RC as its primary internet outreach resource. TPE was thriving on its own at the time and I could have chosen to remain independent, or to wait until such a time when going ‘full-time’ was less of a financial risk—but as I fully and sincerely believed then, as I do now, that Ratio Christi is the most important student and campus ministry that exists today and there is no other organization that I would rather have the privilege of partnering with.  I hope you will read Corey’s article with as much excitement and anticipation for 2017 as I did!

True Biblical Heroism

by Corey Miller

2017 fast approaches. Most of us focus on hours, day, and months and sometimes years, but for what purpose? Scripture actually teaches us to number our days and to focus our gaze on eternity (Psalm 23:6; 90:12). Today I want to share a story that may help us in this regard.

Our growth this year with RC International has been very significant. We expanded to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Canada, Malaysia and added a second university chapter in South Africa. We have applications to expand in 2017 to nations such as Egypt, Israel, Ukraine, Myanmar, Katmandu, Belize, India and more. Please pray for all of the chapters in these new and anticipated nations. In perhaps the most amazing advancement of all, we launched a chapter in Pakistan, the country with the third largest Muslim population, where we had over 1,000 students register for an apologetics conference!

Read what Tyler Geffeney, our Director of Ratio Christi International, shared with our leadership team:

“Persecution for sharing your faith takes on a fresh new meaning when you are a Christian evangelist living in Pakistan. Some have called me fearless for my boldness to proclaim the gospel here in America. Yet, I wonder if my resolve might melt under the searing heat of persecution that awaits those who do likewise in Pakistan. Working as the Director of Ratio Christi International permits me to witness genuine acts of Christian heroism, and each time I do my own standard of devotion to our Lord’s Great Commission is reinvigorated.

“Ratio Christi’s National Director in Pakistanname withheldengenders such inspiration. He has taken a valiant stand for Christ leading innumerable public outreaches to his Muslim neighbors, many of whom are hostile, and all of whom need Jesus. The evidence for Christ is so compelling that many are converting despite the dire consequences that face Muslims who leaves Islam.  Here we see the light of the Gospel shine even brighter against the dark backdrop of Pakistani Sharia culture.

“For example, John (pictured above with name changed for security reasons) stood up in a meeting led by [RC Pakistan’s director] to proclaim his decision to dedicate his future to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the people of Pakistan. It is such an honor for us at Ratio Christi to be a part of the transformation that God is bringing about in so many lives like John’s. We are truly grateful to be a part of something so eternally significant.”

Perhaps this one story best sums up the eternal importance, the passion, the courageous efforts in the midst of danger, and the vision of where we want to see Ratio Christi go not only in our nation but around the globe. Please courageously partner with us—together much can be done positively to impact the kingdom for the ages to come.

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