Cold-Case Christianity For Kids – Book Review (Including A Kids POV)

by Tyson Bradley

I remember accompanying J Warner Wallace on a speaking tour in the Vancouver, Canada area in 2013. One event that stands out to this day was an event called “Standing Strong.” This event was organized to encourage parents to train their youth in apologetics.

Unfortunately, I have not been able since then to locate the audio from that event; however, one thing was abundantly clear… Kids who are able to defend their faith are less likely to lose their faith when they get older.

He advocated moving away from merely teaching apologetics to youth to actually training them at an early age. We should not expect that this will be the job of a pastor somewhere down the road, or hope that they will find a general interest in apologetics once they are facing challenging questions in university. Parents need to get youth trained in apologetics before they go to university.

A Resource For Training Kids In Apologetics:
J Warner Wallace and his wife Susie have undertaken the task of re-writing his first book “Cold-Case Christianity” into an edition for kids. As usual, Wallace writes in such a way that is easy to relate and comprehend for kids. It’s no small feat to be taking a subject which, sadly, many mature Christian adults still ignore and then putting that into a resource which can be comprehended by kids. Wallace invites kids to investigate Jesus with a real detective.

But what do kids of think of Cold-Case Christianity For Kids? I wanted to investigate for myself, but investigations hit a road block when I realized that I am no longer a child nor do I have any children of my own. Thankfully, my wife has 2 young brothers that are of the age of the audience this book is intended for…


Cold-Case Christianity For Kids – Book Review (Including A Kids POV)