Did Jesus Exist? All Scholars Agree He “Certainly” Existed

By Steven Bancarz

There are many sensationalist claims that get passed around the internet about Jesus of Nazareth.  Did Jesus even exist? Some claim Jesus was a mystic, or that the person of Jesus was invented by the Romans as a way to enforce control over people.  Some argue Jesus was a metaphor for the sun or was just a knock-off of other ancient gods.

An article in particular blew up online called “Five Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed“, and in the article it claims that “a growing body of scholars “now believe Jesus never even existed as a human being in the first century.

It has become an internet fad and online trend to assert that Jesus is a product of some kind of political, social, or economic agenda of the Roman Empire, and that it is all a part of a big conspiracy.  Jesus was a knock-off of other dying and rising pagan gods, there is nothing new about the story of Jesus, and the whole story of his life was invented by religious authorities. This idea is so popular that it has become a commonplace suggestion.  “There is no evidence that Jesus existed” is a catchphrase used by angry atheists and New Agers alike.

But is this idea taken seriously by any professors of ancient history, Biblical studies, or New Testament studies?  To say the least, no. In fact, not a single academic scholar today with a Ph.D. in a relevant field of study claims that Jesus did not exist.

Why is this?  Don’t they know of the articles online debunking Jesus, or documentaries like “Religulous” or “Zeitgeist” that debunk Jesus of Nazareth? Are they all unenlightened about how Jesus was a knock-off of horus or other ancient gods?

There is a group of about 3 main semi-scholarly people who argue for this “Christ-myth theory” that Jesus never existed. Richard Carrier is the most popular one, and quite frankly, is the only one who is even somewhat listened to by academics. He was mentioned multiple times in the article mentioned above,

Carrier has a Ph.D. in Ancient Studies from Columbia University with a specialty in Roman history, though he is currently unemployed having never held an academic position at any university.  His claim is that the existence of Jesus is sufficiently improbable and his historicity cannot be considered certain, and therefore we are not justified in claiming he existed.

Being the most outspoken and well-known advocate of the Christ-myth theory, it’s important to take a look at what fellow scholars in his field have to say about his position.  Here is what some atheist experts have to say about Richard Carrier and the Christ-myth theory in general…


Did Jesus Exist? All Scholars Agree He “Certainly” Existed – Reasons for Jesus