Former Atheist Lee Strobel on How Churches Can Use ‘The Case for Christ’ Film As Outreach Tool (Interview)

By Leah Marieann Klett

A Harvard-educated, hard-nosed atheist working as a journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Strobel was infuriated when his wife converted to Christianity – and determined to disprove her faith. However, after conducting an in-depth investigation into Christianity, including a number of interviews with Biblical scholars and theologians, Strobel found himself converting to the religion he once despised.

This spring, Strobel’s journey will come to life on the big-screen. “The Case for Christ” film, based on his book of the same name, is a powerful story that will inspire everyone who sees it, from the believer who accepts the authority of the gospel to the skeptic searching for answers. 

The following is an edited transcript of The Gospel Herald’s interview with Strobel, in which he discusses his hopes for the upcoming film and how Christians and churches can use it as an outreach tool. You can read part one of the interview here.

GH: Who is the “typical” audience member you envision as most interested in “The Case for Christ”?

LS: I think a lot of Christians will be interested because many of them have read “The Case for Christ,” so they’ll want to see the story come to life. I think Christian will walk away with their faith enriched and will be motivated to talk to others about Jesus. They’ll know more about why they believe what they believe. But, I think as they walk out of the theater, four or five names will come into their mind, and it’ll be friends who don’t know Jesus; people who are spiritually curious and confused, or people who’ve walked away from the church. Those names will come into their heads, and they’ll think, “I need to bring them so they can see this,” because it’s a story they’ll relate to on another level. It’s a story of someone who was a skeptic and pursued the evidence to find the truth of the faith…


Former Atheist Lee Strobel on How Churches Can Use ‘The Case for Christ’ Film As Outreach Tool