The Story of Reality by Gregory Koukl: Everything That’s Important

By Tom Gilson

Gregory Koukl, president of the ministry Stand to Reason and an accomplished Christian apologist, should win a Lifetime Achievement Award in the category Most Ambitious Book Subtitle, for his new book The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between. If you understand what Koukl means by “important,” however, you’ll find that the book does just that.

What’s “important,” you ask? Obviously your answer will depend on where you’re standing when you raise the question. When I’m hungry, what we’re having for dinner is important to me, though my loved ones’ health is far more important. Elections and economies and social movements are important to more people in more ways. War and peace, feeding the world’s hungry, and other global issues of that sort rise to a much higher level of importance.

But if there was a way to frame all that in a larger context that would explain for everyone why we’re here, where we’re all ultimately headed, and how to make the most of eternity, that sort of thing would be really important. That’s what Greg Koukl offers us in The Story of Reality.

Christians really should know the story that explains those answers, but tragically many do not. Many others, meanwhile, think they’re rejecting the Christian story of reality, but they’re doing so without knowing what it really is.

For many years I worked with a Christian ministry whose primary explanation of the gospel began, “God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.” It’s a true statement, and a very good one for those who understand what it’s saying. The difficulty is how few people know the meaning of even the very first and most important term: God. What do Christians mean when we say “God”? And what do we mean when we talk about Jesus Christ? Why do we bother talking about Him? What difference does He make?

You can’t answer those questions without putting them in the context of a story, one that most people in the Western world used to know, but not so much these days — not even Christians. Koukl puts it this way…


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