Addressing National Geographic’s Gender Revolution

by Hank Hanegraaff

I want to mention something in follow up to a question I was asked on yesterday’s broadcast. I was asked about an article in National Geographic, which turns out to be the entire magazine almost. It is a special issue dealing with the gender revolution. I mentioned yesterday that I had not read it, so I got a copy of it, and read the whole thing today, quite a task I might add.

It starts, interestingly enough, by quoting Gloria Steinem, who says the most pressing gender issue today is “getting rid of [the idea] of gender.” According to Steinem, the most pressing issue is to get rid of the idea of gender. You have to divorce it from biology. Why? Because according to Steinem, “the idea of race and the idea of gender are divisive.”

We have all kinds of new terms indicated in National Geographic like “gender fluid,” which is someone whose gender identity shifts between masculinity and femininity, between a man and a woman. Another is “gender queer,” someone whose gender identity is neither man nor woman; instead, it is between or beyond genders or a combination of genders.

One of the articles was titled “Helping Families Talk about Gender.” The first sentence reads as follows: “All children need the opportunity to explore different gender roles.” Every single child on the planet again needs the opportunity to explore different gender roles. According to the article in National Geographic


Addressing National Geographic’s Gender Revolution – Christian Research Institute