Is the Bible Reliable?

by Frank Codispoti

The Authority of The Bible

The Bible is taught from the pulpits of most Christian churches today and is represented by most as the inerrant word of God. What are the facts that support such a statement? Where did this book come from and why does it generate so much controversy?

As Henrietta C Mears puts it, “behind and beneath the Bible, above and beyond the Bible, is the God of the Bible. One of the primary reasons that this book is so controversial is that it is written about:

  1. God’s love and will for humanity,
  2. Salvation solely through Jesus Christ, and
  3. The relationship believers in Christ can personally experience. 

What is the Bible – The Basics

The Bible contains 66 books written by 40 authors covering a period of roughly 1,600 years. It is arranged in two sections called testaments which means covenant or agreement. The Old Testament (OT) reflects the agreement God made with people about their salvation before Christ came. The New Testament (NT) is about the agreement God made with the people about their salvation after Christ came.

The OT was a covenant of law while the NT is a covenant of grace through Jesus Christ. So in essence, the OT commences what the NT completes. The book is historical, poetic and prophetic. One of the many factors for why it is held as the core reference for our existence and life as Christians is that the prophetic and historical aspects of the Bible can be verified and supported through external non-Biblical references.
There have been many books written concerning the inerrancy of scripture and the uniqueness of the Bible. Here are are 10 ways that the Bible is special and placed above all other books…


Just My 2 Cents: Is the Bible Reliable?