The Single Most Damaging Statement to the Christian Faith

by Noah Myers

So I’ll admit it, this is just my opinion, and there is probably a few other statements that have ruined peoples faith, but I think this may be the worst of the litter.

“you just need to have faith”

We hear this statement in a number of situations. Perhaps someone is going through a hard time and they are struggling to see how God is allowing their friend to battle through cancer, they are dealing with a difficult breakup, or they lost their job and don’t know what they are going to do. Then along comes the well-meaning Christian, he plops down beside him and says that horrible combination of words ‘I know it’s hard, but you just have to have faith’.

Or in another situation someone is struggling through the scriptures in seeing what seem to be some immoral acts of God, they have doubts about whether God exists, whether the Bible is reliable, or even just are struggling to grasp and/or believe some piece of theology. Once again, here comes that well-meaning Christian to help his struggling brother or sister. He feels he has a sufficient understanding of what’s going on and ignorantly presents the ‘you just have need to have faith’ line.

I think I’ve been in both situations at one time or another, but both times I felt my heart or brain throw up a little. To a point, when we say this we are spot on. At one point or another we should trust that God has things under control. Even with the best apologetics training in the world there is still that movement between knowing in our mind and trusting through our actions that we must take a leap or even just a really awkward step of faith.

The statement isn’t wrong in itself. It’s true. The timing is wrong…


The Single Most Damaging Statement to the Christian Faith