Why Tolerance Is Immoral

by Claudia Kalmikov

The hot topic these days is the freeze that President Trump put on all immigrants coming into the USA from countries that produce terrorists. Once again, the country is divided over this decision. People want open borders in the name of tolerance. So let’s clarify the meaning of tolerance.

Tolerance used to mean that when one disagreed with another, one would still respect the other person even though there was disagreement. Now, tolerance means that disagreement is not allowed. If one doesn’t embrace another’s point of view, then that person is a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, a racist…and any number of names. Do you see the hypocrisy here?

Today’s tolerance means everybody is right; there should be no distinction between an objective right or wrong, and no judging of others. Some people today live as though there is no objective standard of truth. What’s true for you is not true for me. This is relativism at its finest. But we don’t actually live like this, do we? Of course not. We want the truth from every one around us such at doctors, teachers, bankers, co-workers and loved ones. We expect the truth and make life changing decisions based on what we think is true. Objective truth is true no matter what one’s opinion of it. It just is.

Tolerance the way it is viewed today is immoral because it tolerates evil. It is my view that if we tolerate immigrants coming into the USA from countries that align themselves with terrorist ideals, then that is tolerating evil. If we allow sanctuary cities that protect criminals, then that is tolerating evil. There is no common sense in that. Any ideals that don’t enforce laws that are made to protect our people, is evil.

After 911, the TSA requirements changed…


Why Tolerance Is Immoral – Straight Talk with Claudia K