The Difference Between Speaking the Gospel and Sharing the Gospel

by J Warner Wallace

Not long ago, I found myself listening patiently as Mark, a friend of mine, described a difficult conversation he had with a non-believer named Cindy. Mark said he met Cindy at a party and intentionally directed the conversation toward spiritual matters; he hoped to share the gospel with her at some point in the evening. When Cindy learned Mark was a Christian, however, she became very defensive and eventually told him that she was disgusted with Christians and their pro-life position related to abortion. Cindy believed that women should have a right to choose. Mark was prepared to talk about the Gospel but unequipped to navigate the issue of abortion. He was undeterred, however, in his desire to talk about Jesus and the salvation offered on the cross. He pressed on, even though Cindy repeatedly ignored his presentation and grew ever more frustrated as Mark refused to address her concerns about abortion. I wish I could say the story had a happy ending, but Cindy grew so irritated with Mark that she eventually excused herself and avoided him for the rest of the party. Mark told me that he was disappointed Cindy refused to talk with him any further, but he said, “At least she got to hear the Gospel.”

It struck me that this might not have been the most effective way to present the offer of salvation and the character of Christ. While it’s certainly true that God is powerful enough to call people to Himself in any number of ways, Mark’s story reminded me of the difference between “speaking” the Gospel and “sharing” it. In some ways, the difference is similar to the distinction between “teaching” and “preaching.” Scripture often describes these activities as two separate efforts…


The Difference Between Speaking the Gospel and Sharing the Gospel | Cold Case Christianity