Why Don’t Christians Like Apologetics? Three Responses to Three Popular Objections to Apologetics

by Rob Lundberg

Every so often I find myself frustrated, wondering how long it will take Christians to get the idea that our culture is changing right before our eyes and that we need to update how we share with our ever increasing skeptical culture the gospel of Christ. Please understand I am not advocating changing the unchanging message. Some of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen this from some of our postings on the need for apologetics in evangelism and why it is necessary for the church to incorporate it into the ministry of the church today.

This posting is not going to discuss the “how,” but what I want to do is get to the real issue and respond to the criticisms toward apologetics and provide a response to what I think are the top three criticisms today.

Before I do, let me explain that apologetics is not just for those in the scholarly circles but for the church at large. When Peter wrote his first letter, he wrote to a displaced church and not to the academically elite of the day.

Another thought here is that apologetics addresses the specific hard and soft questions coming against our Christian faith. A soft question can be described as a question that addresses a biblical issue, and where the questioner will accept a biblical answer. The hard question is totally different.

The hard question will not accept a biblical answer, no matter how hard you or I try to force the biblical answer. And if we give a biblical answer, we run two risks. First we run the risk not addressing the real need underlying the question. Secondly, we run the risk of falsely applying the passage that “God’s word will not return void” thinking that we have done a great thing. The only thing we have done is sown some seed on some very hard ground, and shown the person we shared Scripture with that we really don’t care about them, but just spouted off what how much we know Scripture.

Pardon my rambling here, but some of you reading this will then raise the objections that I am going to address. Here are the objections…


Why Don’t Christians Like Apologetics? Three Responses to Three Popular Objections to Apologetics | Rob Lundberg