7 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Saw The Case for Christ

By Tom Gilson

The Pure Flix film The Case for Christ opens nationwide this weekend. Go see it! You’ll be glad you did.

Directed by Jon Gunn, this movie tells the true story of Lee Strobel. He was the legal editor at the Chicago Tribune in the late 1970s and early 80s. His marriage fell into crisis after his wife, Leslie, chose a path in life totally unlike his own.

She was moved by the apparent coincidence of a Christian nurse being nearby to save their daughter from choking to death. So she began inquiring into the woman’s faith. Before long she chose to follow Christ herself.

Lee would have none of it. His desk was in a newsroom with the sign plastered on the wall, “If your mom says she loves you, check it out.” He was sure that the story of Christ wouldn’t check out. He was just as certain that with the right facts in hand, he could save Leslie from her new delusion.

So he went looking for those facts — without telling her where he was all those hours and days. All she knew was that their marriage was in trouble. But she wasn’t about to give up the new life she had found.

Why You’ll Be Glad You Saw it

If you’ve read Strobel’s book of the same name, you have a pretty good idea how his search came out. But you’ve got no clue what a great love story was wrapped up in it. Watch it this weekend — you’ll be glad you did. Specifically, you’ll be glad you saw it if…


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