Can You Be Disillusioned and Be a Christian?

By Leah Baugh

In today’s world, many feel fed up with the Christianity they grew up with. Sometimes unanswered questions and a lack of love in the church can easily lead to disappointment and a sense of betrayal. The resulting wave of questions can become overwhelming. Is Christianity just something sold to us like another product, appealing to our emotions and demanding that we conform to its rules? Why does it so often seem irrationally emotional or unrelentingly tyrannical?

Eventually, we might reach a point where the scales fall from our eyes and “reality,” in all its stark and harsh edges, hits us. The cornerstones that once supported an enchanted idea of goodness and beauty are now exposed for what they really are—sharp points that cut us. Bitterness and unbelief overwhelm us, and we wrestle with how something supposedly so good can suddenly turn so ugly. Little by little, faith is whittled away until one day we wake up and realize we don’t believe anymore. Has Christianity, like some shady used car salesman, sold us a counterfeit, a dummy?

The problem is that some Christian churches, and Christians themselves, have failed to listen, teach, answer, and love according to the one thing that is rock solid—God’s story of salvation given to us in the Bible. All too often, the building blocks of faith are built upon the wrong foundation…


Can You Be Disillusioned and Be a Christian? | Core Christianity