A Review of Zombie Science: Is Darwinism Dead?

by Sean McDowell

With the release of his 2000 book Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells became one of the leading evolution critics of today. Unlike some detractors, Dr. Wells has impeccable credentials—with Ph.Ds. in molecular and cell biology from U.C. Berkeley and religious studies from Yale.

Last week he released a new book that is just as controversial (and frankly, just as fun) called, Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution. He begins the book with a narrative about the so-called “War on eggs,” in which the U.S. government promoted the idea that eggs cause cholesterol and are thus unhealthy.

There is only one problem with this longstanding narrative—It’s false. That’s right, the science simply doesn’t support the claim that eggs are bad for you. In fact, it’s just the opposite! In 2015, the U.S. government finally backed off.

What do we conclude from this? According to Dr. Wells, “Obviously, we cannot always trust what ‘science says,’ and an endorsement by the government doesn’t make it any more trustworthy. In fact, we are told many things by ‘science’ that are not true.”[1]

What Is Zombie Science?

The premise of Zombie Science is that there is a similar phenomenon at work in the question of human origins. Rather than following the evidence wherever it leads, says Wells, many scientists are committed to methodological naturalism, which is the view that science is limited to materialistic explanations. Wells is careful to indicate that he is not calling certain people zombies, but rather that there is a persistence to defending materialistic explanations of science even after these examples have been shown to be empirically dead—hence his use of the title “zombies”…


A Review of Zombie Science: Is Darwinism Dead? – Sean McDowell