God as the best explanation of the most important aspects of life: 10 facts

by Travis Dickinson

I believe in God. Given this, I’m sometimes asked “Got any evidence?”

Uh, yes. Yes I do. In fact, I think there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the evidence for God.

Now I’m never quite sure what people have in mind by the notion of “evidence” when this concerns God. It often seems to be the case they want material evidence, like fingerprints or DNA evidence or eye witness sightings. Or they may ask for scientific evidence for God.

It is sometimes the case that what would count as evidence for God is so very restricted. The God of Christian theism is not material. We shouldn’t expect to see something like divine radioactivity, or some material fact like that, without which we will not believe in God. This is just not being intellectually honest.

When we ask whether there’s evidence for something we need to be careful with what sort of evidence would we expect to find. It would be like saying I will not believe in an electron until I see one with my own eyes. Well the problem is that no one has seen an electron with their own eyes and no one ever will. An electron is not the sort of thing than can be seen with human eyes. It is designated as an unobservable entity and only postulated because it makes sense of certain collections of data.

If there are facts that resist substantive explanation unless there is a God, then we have reason–we have evidence– to believe in God.

Again, so long as the notion of evidence is not narrowly restricted, then the world is replete with evidence of God’s existence. I will not give an extended argument for each of these here but will simply nod in the direction of each…


God as the best explanation of the most important aspects of life: 10 facts – The Benefit of the Doubt