The New Theistic Evolutionists: BioLogos and the Rush to Embrace the “Consensus”

By Casey Luskin

BioLogos is a nonprofit foundation formed by Francis Collins in 2007 to promote the view that an evolutionary scientific position is fully correct and compatible with Christianity. The Templeton Foundation has awarded BioLogos more than $8.7 million—enough to bring campus ministry leaders to all-expenses-paid conferences in Manhattan, expanding BioLogos’s influence.

A key difference between BioLogos and intelligent design is BioLogos’s view that design cannot, in principle, be scientifically detected in nature, or that design could be scientifically detected, but isn’t. BioLogos believes the evolutionary “consensus” should not be questioned, and maintains nonexperts should defer to the consensus. They fear that when Christians challenge the consensus, this produces “anti-science attitudes” that “hinder evangelism.” BioLogos defends the consensus, despite recent scientific discoveries affecting theories regarding the origin of life, neo-Darwinian evolution, common ancestry, and junk DNA, which contradict the consensus. Fearing the “god of the gaps” fallacy, BioLogos eschews arguments for faith that defy the consensus and argues the consensus is consistent with Christianity. This might prevent some Christians from becoming atheists, but it gives atheists essentially no intellectual reasons to become Christians.

Collins hoped to develop a new theology of creation, and BioLogos challenges the traditional theological consensus on core doctrines such as the historicity and importance of Adam and Eve. Even Collins concedes to atheists the crucial neo-Darwinian claim that life’s history appears “unguided” (even if it really wasn’t). If BioLogos promotes viewpoints that are scientifically flawed, theologically hostile, and apologetically weak, why are many Christians rushing to embrace them? I believe the answer, in part, is cultural pressure…


The New Theistic Evolutionists: BioLogos and the Rush to Embrace the “Consensus”