What Rob Bell Gets Right and Wrong About the Bible

by Collin Huber

Despite the fact that most Americans own multiple copies of the Bible, biblical illiteracy is on the rise. People fail to see the Bible’s relevance, they don’t take time to read it, and when they do, they struggle with the unfamiliar language. Many recognize the theoretical importance of Scripture but lack the confidence to engage it in a meaningful way.

With his latest book, What Is the Bible?: How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything, author and speaker Rob Bell attempts to provide relief for those confused by Scripture. He believes the confusion is best resolved by stressing the human aspect of the Bible in the hopes of opening Scripture to everyone, not just the “religious.”

Bell contends that “religion” has hijacked the Bible, isolating it from many potential readers. For him, Scripture is primarily horizontal—a collection of books aimed at rescuing humans from destructive modes of being in order to create peace in the world. From the start, it’s clear that he has no interest in preserving or interacting with Christian orthodoxy. In fact, he treats orthodoxy as the problem. He doesn’t recognize that believers throughout history haven’t died for a progressive teaching on human peace, but for the orthodox truth that God himself has purchased our peace through the crucifixion of his Son…


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