Can a Person Choose Their Own Race? The Inevitable Hypocrisy of Relativism

by Michael J. Kruger

Well, Rachel Dolezal is in the news again.

You might recall her story from a couple of years ago.  Dolezal was the civil rights activist and the former head of the NAACP in Spokane, WA.  But, there was one little problem.

She wasn’t black.

Although she presented herself as African American–a bit of a prerequisite for heading up a chapter of the NAACP–it turns out that she was not black after all.   Indeed she was a blonde, freckle-faced white girl born to two white parents.  She had merely changed her outward appearance.

Not surprisingly, objective facts regarding biology, genetics, and ethnicity were not a deterrent to Dolezal’s insistence that she was black.  “I identify as black,” she told Matt Lauer.  In other words, I get to decide what is true.  Reality is what I make it.

Of course, the idea that you can create your own reality is nothing new.  Dolezal is simply acting out the worldview she has learned from the Western culture within which she was raised.

No doubt she has heard, from her earliest days, that there is no objective truth.  She has probably been told (repeatedly) that there are no absolute realities “out there” beyond ourselves.  Over and over she has gotten the message that truth is simply a construct of the self.

In other words, the voices around her, for nearly 40 years, have given her one clear message: you determine your own reality.

So, who can blame her for just living consistently with what she was taught?

Well, it turns out, just about everyone. The very culture that taught her that truth is relative has now turned on her…


Can a Person Choose Their Own Race? The Inevitable Hypocrisy of Relativism – Canon Fodder