Case-Making 101: A Resurrection Apologetic

by Teri Dugan

The Resurrection is the lynchpin that marks the Christian faith, the only faith that claims their leader defeated death. Many skeptics, cultist and some from other faiths dispute the fact of the Resurrection and some even say that Jesus did not die on the cross. Dr. William Lane Craig, World Renowned Christian Apologist, Theologian and Philosopher has said:

“When we turn to the Gospels, we find multiple, independent attestation of this burial story, and Joseph of Arimathea is specifically named in all four accounts. On top of that, the burial story in Mark is so extremely early that it’s simply not possible for it to have been subject to legendary corruption. When you read the New Testament, there’s no doubt that the disciples sincerely believed the truth of the resurrection, which they proclaimed to their deaths. The idea that the empty tomb is the result of some hoax, conspiracy, or theft is simply dismissed today.”

I was privileged to hear Dr. Craig debate with a well-known atheist. What I observed was a studied, articulate and fair-minded Christian man who gave fact after fact in support of the historicity of the resurrection, just like a well prepared lawyer. The atheist was winsome and funny but dodged direct topics, giving antidotal accounts with no facts to back up any of his assertions.

It occurred to me that this is exactly what happens in everyday ‘water cooler’ conversations. People tend to hold beliefs on important topics based on second and third hand information without putting the time into backing it up with verified evidence. Christians are often backed into a corner when false claims are made about Christianity, especially on the topic of the Resurrection, without being prepared to give an answer.

Here are four points that might help the next time the topic of the Resurrection comes up…


Case-Making 101: A Resurrection Apologetic – Truth, Faith and Reason