If God Made the Universe Then Who Made God?

by Rob Lundberg

Have you ever been involved in a conversation with a skeptical co-worker or a friend who has asked you this question: “If God made the universe then who made God?” Let’s get to the real issue of this objection for God’s existence by looking a three of understandings for answering it.

First, this objection makes a categorical mistake. It would be like asking, “How does your favorite song smell?” It just does not make sense, does it? This objection is often asked by those who are fans of the famed atheist, Bertrand Russell who once said, “It everything must have a cause then God must have a cause.”  But everything does not need to have a cause.  And it is here that God is lifted high and lofty in a category all His own, which takes us to our second understanding.

Second, there are several kinds of being. There is self-caused where something has caused itself to exist. This is implies several things that do no apply here.  There are contingent causes. These are things (including people) who are caused by another.  And there is this type of causation we know as “uncaused” where the God of the Bible is found.

God is the uncaused Cause. He is the beginning-less Beginner. He is the uncreated Creator.  God is the Cause (the first Cause) of all that exists.  Think of it this way. Every painting has a Painter.  Every product has a Producer. If there is an origin, then there must be an Originator.  And since there is a beginning (a genesis) there is a first Generator…


The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry: If God Made the Universe Then Who Made God?