My Malibu Jesus: Making Jesus Okay With Our Lives and Our Sins

by Dave Gipson

Anyone remember Bizarro? He was an imperfect take on the perfect Superman introduced in DC Comics.

In fact, Bizarro World not only had Bizarro-Superman but also Bizarro-Batman, complete with a Futility Belt of cigarette butts, chewed gum, etc. Yellow (not Green) Lantern got no power from his ring. Bizarro-Aquaman could not swim.

There was even a Bizarro-Marilyn Monroe. Of course, she was the ugliest girl on the planet.

It’s all pretty silly stuff…until you start applying it to a certain Biblical “super hero”.

A young friend texted me last night. I hadn’t heard from him for months, and felt he’d grown increasingly distant from me. I got the feeling he’d been wandering from God, and had finally walked away from his faith.

After a few awkward stabs at conversation, our talk quickly moved toward God and my sadness he had walked away from Jesus. On the phone, he tried to convince me otherwise.

“I still believe in Jesus, just not in the way you do.” From previous conversations, I knew exactly where he was going.

He still believes in “Jesus,” but just not in the historical, 2000-years ago Prophet walking the Middle East, whose followers faithfully wrote down his teaching after passionately committing them to memory. Not the one guy researched archeologically and theologically more than any other figure of history. Not the Jesus of whom the New Testament is the only verifiable document of his teaching.

No, not that one. You know? The other one…


My Malibu Jesus: Making Jesus Okay With Our Lives and Our Sins | Theology Mix