Seven Honest Questions Regarding Christianity: A Challenge

by Justin Steckbauer

Recently I challenged my friends and acquaintances, those who are skeptics, agnostics, non-religious and so on to raise their best questions regarding the Christian faith. I asked them to raise honest questions, questions that if answered would possibly clear the road for them to believe.

I indicated that I would attempt to the best of my ability to answer those questions from the Christian worldview. These are the questions raised, and the answers provided by this one Christian. Don’t expect perfection, I don’t know everything, but I’ve done my best to provide answers that will be intellectually satisfying and philosophically meaningful.

I’d like to thank everyone that participated. I was very pleased with the thoughtful questions given.

Question One: If God made us who made God?

Question raised by Mark W.

This is an age old question, debated by skeptics, theologians and philosophers. Everything has a cause. Everything we know of, seems to have been made by something else. I was born because of my parents. A tree grows because an acorn falls from another tree, digs into the dirt, and begins to grow up. But the answer to this question is simple: There has to be something at the very beginning of time, space, and reality without a cause. Or whose cause is within itself. Many scientists hoped and believed that perhaps the universe itself could be the past-eternal uncaused reality. But scientists have since discovered that the universe most certainly did begin to exist in the finite past (the big bang theory.)

A Christian would say “God is the eternal first cause.” That is not an intellectually satisfying answer it seems. But the truth is, that isn’t an answer off the top of anybody’s head. It’s been in the Bible for over two thousand years. Even before man had considered the necessity of a single infinite eternal first cause, the Bible had already said that God was the eternal first cause. “He is from everlasting to everlasting” (Psalm 90:2).

Are we willing to admit that something like eternity is beyond our full ability to comprehend? We must certainly admit that there are some things in life that will be beyond us.

Ultimately, the question “Who made God?” is a fallacy, because it assumes God could have a cause. If God could be caused by something else, say a greater god, or a greater force, then God wouldn’t be God. God is by definition, timeless, omnipotent, and eternal.
In conclusion, I would simply say that we cannot have an infinite regression regarding a first cause. There must be a single, uncaused first cause, and it will either be God or the universe. Since science has shown that the universe is finite in the past, having come into existence at the moment of the big bang, this shows that the most likely uncaused first cause is God…


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