Unbelievable? Interview with Justin Brierley about His New Book

by Sean McDowell

Justin Brierley is the host of ” Unbelievable?” the UK-based apologetics radio/podcast show (which is one of my personal favorites!). I have had the privilege of being on the program twice to discuss the martyrdom of the apostles and talk about why I am a Christian with Ryan Bell, the pastor-turned-atheist.

For over ten years, Justin has been leading discussions between Christians and atheists, and yet he still believes in God. This Thursday he releases a new book Unbelievable? which I had the privilege to endorse. In the UK, it is available here: www.unbelievablebook.co.uk. Brierley offers some lessons from his conversations as well as the evidence he finds most compelling. Check out this interview and consider ordering a copy of his excellent book:

SEAN MCDOWELL: My guess is that a lot of people believed your show Unbelievable? wouldn’t be successful? Yet it has! Why do you think it has been so well received?

JUSTIN BRIERLEY: The show brings together Christian and non-Christian points of view. And when it began on Premier Christian Radio, there were plenty of Christian listeners who didn’t appreciate hearing atheists on their airwaves! But, as it turns out, there were also plenty of believers who wanted to break out of the Christian ‘bubble’ and learn how to engage fruitfully with skeptics.

Then, when we began podcasting the show it really took off around the world, as both Christians and non-Christians started to download it. The people who listen tend to be those who enjoy high quality discussions in which the other side really gets made to work hard to defend their worldview.

The comment I frequently get from folk who listen in the States (both Christian and non-Christian) is, “We don’t have anything like this on our radio stations,” so I think it meets a need for better quality conversations than we often hear in our media…


Unbelievable? Interview with Justin Brierley about His New Book – Sean McDowell