Awana Is Poised to Equip the Next Generation

by J Warner Wallace

When my daughters were young, they attended Awana at a local church in our community. They were eager to participate, and they were blessed by the commitment the program made (and continues to make) to scripture memorization. I bet many of you have been similarly blessed by a local Awana program, so I’m delighted to announce a new generation of Awana for high school students. My good friend, Sean McDowell, has partnered with Awana to create a program that is sure to impact the hearts and minds of young people. He agreed to tell us about the future of Awana and this new effort to equip high school students:

J. WARNER: “Most people in the church are familiar with Awana. But for those who might not be (or who haven’t been enrolled in an Awana program), can you explain it briefly and tell us why you wanted to join their efforts?”

SEAN: “Sure! Awana is a remarkable ministry committed to discipling students through Bible study and Scripture memorization. I did an AWANA program at my local church as a kid and loved it. But until recently, I had no idea they had such a widespread and influential youth ministry as well (not to mention their international reach). When I learned about their desire to reinvent their high school ministry, and that the entire second year (of a four-year cycle) would focus on training students in apologetics and worldview, it was an easy decision.”

J. WARNER: “What is unique about the approach Awana is taking with students?”

SEAN: “There are a few things that make this curriculum unique. First, the quality is remarkable. Awana has poured an unbelievable amount of resources—marketers, writers, editors, and a film crew—to make this curriculum top-notch.

Second, we are taking a very systematic approach to teaching apologetics and worldview to students…


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