Playground Apologetics: Apologetics Tactics for Busy Moms

by Hillary Short

Earlier this week I found myself caught in the morning line of cars leaving my neighborhood’s elementary school.  I live with my husband and 3-year-old son in a suburb of San Antonio. We’re in south Texas and our “Mayberry” (as many call it) is incredibly conservative – and not just politically.  We have a lot of churches. When I say “a lot,” I mean that we could put you in a blindfold at most any intersection in the city, give you a stone to throw, and you’d probably hit one. It’s Narnia, for sure.  Or a bubble.  Whatever you’d like to call it. So, you can imagine my surprise on Tuesday as I pulled up behind a big SUV boldly emblazoned with a lightbulb-shaped sticker and the words “skeptic kids.”  There went my bubble.

I admit to assuming what many moms probably assume – that our home is safe, our town is safe, and therefore my child’s faith will be safe.  It’s college professors who will try to shake my child’s Christian beliefs, and he’ll be ready by then. Right?

Ladies, this is a dangerous mistake. Even if you think you’re in “Mayberry,” let me assure you: you aren’t. That sticker represents what we can’t afford to ignore: growth of evangelistic and committed atheism. And remember, the “skeptic kids” sticker was on a car exiting an elementary school, not a college campus.

As we Mama Bears say, apologetics might not affect our faith, but it might affect our children’s.  And you know what?  I want my churched-up, prayed-up, pre-school kid to be a skeptic too! Why? Because being a skeptic means that he will question what is presented to him. This is important because I will not always be the one presenting the ideas.  A child who understands how to discover truth is primed for a faith that lasts much longer than that of a child who is merely presented with the truth…


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