Students have questions. There is no way around it, and there is no way of avoiding it. Nor should you. So it is critical that you can foster a culture where questions are encouraged. But don’t freak out just yet. I am not saying that you must have all the answers to every question every student asks. Believe me; they will devise some kind of crazy question that you can’t answer—or even should answer. That isn’t the point. The point here is to make certain that students feel safe to ask and wrestle with huge questions.

Although it might be hard to imagine, there are many students who have been raised to believe that to doubt and question is to have insufficient faith. Think about John the Baptist for a moment. He sat in jail wondering if Jesus really was the Messiah, or had he made a mistake? So did he have insufficient faith? The key here is to look at the response Jesus gives to John’s disciples to be delivered back to John. He does not rebuke, express disappointment, or laugh in their faces. Jesus simply responded with evidence. — Steve Kozak (from, Making Apologetics Part of Youth Ministry’s DNA)