When one considers the vast amount of time and people involved in God’s covenant with his people, throughout the Old Testament and the New, one would think there would be vast areas of inconsistency and incoherence in what’s written in Scripture. However, when Scripture is read, it’s nothing short of miraculous that its message is uniform throughout history, that it moves inexorably toward a distinct purpose and plan, that its focus, from the beginning to the end and into eternity, is God’s presence with his creation and his people. This is no book produced in secret. It’s not a book given to one man who alone “founds” a religion. This is God’s book, given by him to a number of his select representatives, and written down for his people, that they might know him and know what it is he requires of them. No other religious book can claim such a pedigree. No other book so far transcends its limits that it moves its readers toward heaven itself. — K. Scott Oliphint (from, Why Belief in the Bible is Rational: An Interview with K. Scott Oliphint)