To Love With Our Minds

Pencilled Musings

I admit I haven’t put pen to paper for sometime now, but I have been reading quite a bit, so I’m stirred to write again. The following is a reflection note on the book Love Your God With All Your Mind by American philosopher and theologian J.P Moreland.

As a child I have memorised Matthew 22:37 – ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’  – but I didn’t really understand the last bit completely until I read Moreland’s book. To understand the concept of love in terms of an emotion or an action is easy but how do you love with your mind? Moreland explains how the God of the Bible is a God of reason as well as of revelation, that He is perfect in knowledge, the only wise God and that He has revealed Himself in the Scriptures in “understandable, true propositions.” The Old Testament repeatedly teaches us the importance of wisdom and shows us that God created our minds to be apt for gaining knowledge and wisdom, so when we are ignorant, we are definitely not mirroring God’s character.

The other day someone commented on a famous evangelist’s Twitter, saying the Bible “doesn’t stand up to science, history or archaeology” to which a Christian retorted that “the church doesn’t deal with those subjects” and that “any evidence contrary to the Bible is false and comes from the great deceiver.” Today, a lot of Christians are sincere about their faith and passionate about defending it, but it mostly ends up being an emotional rant filled with circular reasoning. Sincerity is not enough to keep one’s faith steady and it is certainly not enough to minister to others. I like how Moreland says that Paul could have asked us to be transformed by developing close feelings toward God or by fellowship and worship or by exercising our will in obeying biblical commands but he did not. Instead…


To Love With Our Minds – pencilled musings