We have got to start talking differently about ‘faith.’ Unfortunately, we have let the secular world and antagonists like Bill Maher define the term for us. What they mean by ‘faith’ is blind leaping. That is what they think our commitment to Christ and the Christian view of the world is all about. They think we have simply disengaged our minds and leapt blindly into the religious abyss. The biblical view of saving faith has never had anything to do with blind leaping. Jesus himself was fixed on the idea that we can know the truth—and not just in some spiritual or mystical way. Rather, he taught that we can know the truth about God, humans, and salvation objectively. That is, the very best forms of investigation, evidence, and careful reasoning will inevitably point to God and His great plans for us. — Craig Hazen (cited in, Reasoning for the Truth of Christianity: A Practical Guide to Apologetics in College and Life)