What Influences Our Kids to Walk Away?

by Rob Lundberg

One of the main reasons I believe apologetics is necessary for the church is due to the church not  addressing the exodus of our young people in the church. I don’t want to sound accusatory right out of the gate, but I am not sure the church thinks there is a problem. As I shared with you in my last post, there is a rampant anti-intellectualism in the church across America, and we are seeing the manifestation of that anti-intellectualism through a high casualty count that I will address in a moment with our kids going off to college. 

Whether the church knows, and does not care or that the church knows and does not know how to address the problem is not the focus of this post. That is not for me to make that judgment.  But as far back as to the time when we were living in Upstate NY, I was hearing the horror stories from the local Christian high school; about how the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian go off to the big college for the beginning of the next phase of their lives. However both of them, by the time Thanksgiving break comes along, or Christmas break, the heart breaking phone call or face to face happened.

You may have heard it yourselves.  The heartbreaking announcement by a nervous student comes a little like this:  “Mom, Dad I no longer believe in God and I have become an atheist or an agnostic.” 

Folks, in just a few weeks, (we’re half way through July already). parents will be sending their students off to college or back to college. Our colleges and universities today are suppose to be a neutral site to learn “objective” facts about the real world. But they are the furthest thing from being objective. 

Unfortunately, parents will be more likely dropping their son or daughter into one of the most liberal, anti-Christian environments anywhere on American soil. The moment you drive away, your new collegiate student will be away from any moral accountability from their parents. What happens our kids in that kind of environment?


The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry: What Influences Our Kids to Walk Away?