Who Is the True Jesus? An Interview with David Limbaugh

By Sean McDowell

David Limbaugh is well known for his political commentary. Yet recently he has utilized his legal training to defend historic Christianity with his New York Times best-selling books The Emmaus Code and Jesus on Trial.

His most recent book is The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels. David gave me the opportunity to endorse the book and I was pleasantly surprised at how readable it is, but also his depth of research. You can see David discuss the book on Hannity.

David was kind enough to briefly answer a few of my questions about his newest book. Enjoy!

SEAN MCDOWELL: After being so involved in politics, why did you decide to venture into Christian apologetics and write books like The Emmaus Code?

LIMBAUGH: I am still passionate about politics, but I wanted to write Christian books even before I launched my syndicated political column some nineteen years ago. After having established a platform with my column and five political books, I wrote my first Christian book and this is now the third.

I love apologetics because I believe that facing and overcoming my “intellectual” doubts about Christianity’s truth claims was essential to ready my heart for Jesus Christ. Books by Norman Geisler, Paul Little, and your father, Josh, were literally essential in that regard. I devoured Evidence that Demands a Verdict and I will be forever grateful to your dad for his painstaking studies.

But I should add that I also believe after having studied the Bible for many years now that the Bible is a powerful apologetic itself. I am passionate about the Bible and what I’ve learned and have a burning desire to share my enthusiasm with others, which is why I enjoy teaching Sunday school from time to time, sharing with other people, and writing books on the subject. Having been a skeptic myself I think I am well positioned to relate to skeptics and possibly reach them in ways that others can’t or don’t. We all have different roles in evangelism and researching and writing Christian books is one way I try to spread the good news.

MCDOWELL: Personally, how did you first become a believer? What role did the evidence for Jesus play in your conversion, if any?

LIMBAUGH: I mostly answered this question in my previous answer but I want to add that many people planted seeds on my path along the way. I had no idea at the time that these seeds would ultimately yield fruit and I am sure those who planted them were wholly unaware, based on my reaction at the time, that they had any impact on me at all. This should be a lesson to all of us who evangelize.

Don’t be discouraged when you see no immediately apparent results. God is working through us to reach other people and every little bit could be instrumental.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that finally tipped the scales from my unbelief to belief, it would have to be the amazing messianic prophecies, which I think I first encountered in Evidence That Demands A Verdict. As we all know, however, embracing Christianity’s truth claims intellectually isn’t all there is to it, but in my case it was a necessary step…


Who Is the True Jesus? An Interview with David Limbaugh