Why Does God Allow Evil? Author Interview with Dr. Clay Jones

By Sean McDowell

Dr. Clay Jones is one of my colleagues in the Biola Apologetics M.A. program. Although he has been teaching and thinking about the problem of evil for decades, he has just released a new book: Why Does God Allow Evil? Here is my endorsement that made the back cover of the book: “If you are looking for one book to make sense of the problem of evil, this book is for you.”

I plan to use this book very soon with a group of high school students. And it will now be the top book that I recommend on this subject (along with If God, Why Evil by Norman Geisler and The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis).

Professor Jones was kind enough to answer some of my questions regarding the problem of evil and what unique contribution his book makes. Check out the brief interview and then consider getting a copy of his outstanding book:

SEAN MCDOWELL: There are many books on the problem of evil. What makes your new book unique?

CLAY JONES: Craig Hazen, the founder of Biola’s MA in Christian apologetics said it well, “In this book, Clay Jones actually answers the question ‘Why Does God Allow Evil?’ So many books on the topic don’t give an answer. Hence, this is a breath of fresh air. There is a bonus too. In his answer to the question Jones gives a full-arc presentation of the gospel. I’ve seen even seasoned Christians awaken to the depths of the gospel for the first time in response to Jones’s material.” Indeed, so many books on the problem of evil conclude only with an “I guess we’ll find out in heaven” kind of answer, but I contend that the Bible tells us why God allows evil.

MCDOWELL: What do you think most Christians fail to grasp about why God may allow evil?

JONES: In the 1980s, I began to seriously study what God had done for us as Christians now and the glory that God had in store for us for our eternities. Later I began to study the lost state that we were in before we came to Christ. In other words, I started to study the depths of human depravity. Most Christians don’t understand these things deeply and that’s a problem not only for understanding why God allows evil, but for understanding much of what the Lord is doing in the universe…


Why Does God Allow Evil? Author Interview with Dr. Clay Jones