Why Is God So Hidden?: On the Divine and the Nature of Love

by J. Warner Wallace

As a young atheist, I denied the existence of God for practical, experiential reasons. During my elementary school years, I found it difficult to understand why anyone would believe in God without visible evidence.

I knew my parents, teachers, and friends were real, because I could see them and I could see their impact on the world around me. God, however, seemed completely hidden. I often thought, “If God exists, why would He hide in this way? Why wouldn’t God just come right out and make it obvious to everyone He exists?”

As I examined these questions many years later, I began to consider other factors and considerations, particularly related to the nature of love.

I held love and compassion in high regard, even as an unbeliever. These were values I embraced as essential to our survival as a species, and values I considered to be foundational to human flourishing (as many atheists commonly describe it). But love requires a certain kind of world, and if a loving God does exist, it is reasonable that He would create a universe in which love is possible—a universe capable of supporting humans with the ability to love God and love one another.

This kind of universe requires a number of prerequisites, however, and these prerequisites are best achieved when God is “hidden” in the way He often seems to be…


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