Apologetics Conversion Stories: Resources

by Brad Cooper

Some people say that you can’t argue anyone into the kingdom and that apologetics is a waste of time. Below are dozens of stories that say otherwise and relate the very practical importance of apologetics. Apologetics strengthens the faith of believers and persuades unbelievers.

I came to Christ as a young child (so apologetics did not play a role in my conversion), but apologetics has kept me strong in my faith when life has been hard. But for many, apologetics has played a key role. And in fact, that is how many of the best apologists have come to faith.

One thing that you will see if you read enough stories is that different kinds of evidence persuade different kinds of people. For some, scientific evidence (such as related to the cosmological argument or the fine-tuning of the universe) was most important in opening their minds to Christ. For others, it was philosophical arguments–such as the moral argument. For still others, it was the evidence for the resurrection….or something else.

Most of the links below relate to how apologetics played an instrumental role in people coming to Christ–and most of them are of former atheists. A few highlight how apologetics strengthens believers, which has been my own story. At the very bottom, there are collections of very diverse testimonies of conversion. But they all tell people’s stories of how Christ drew them to himself, and I think you will enjoy all of them…

Apologetics Conversion Stories: Resources