Defending Your Faith 101: The urgency for all Christians to get “basic training”

by Teri Dugan

“The problem of leading a Christian life in a non-Christian society is now very present to us…. And as for the Christian who is not conscious of his dilemma—and he is in the majority—he is becoming more and more de-Christianized by all sorts of unconscious pressure: paganism holds all the most valuable advertising space.”  -T.S. Eliot, The Idea of a Christian Society

I am beginning a new series called “Defending Your Faith 101.” This series will include information presented in our weekly Christian Apologetics class and additional information with links to articles, books and video presentations by top Christian Apologists to supplement. If you follow this blog over the next year, and/or attend classes, my hope and prayer is that you will have gone through enough “basic training” to qualify you to engage not only the secular culture that we live in today but Christians who are unsure of their own worldview and how to answer the tough questions that often cause doubt in their own lives.

“Basic training” becomes more important than ever with statistics showing the next generation rapidly leaving their faith to become part of the third largest religious group today: “Nones.” I’d like to start with an overview of some of those statistics as presented by reputable groups that keep a pulse on cultural developments, values, beliefs and religious trends: Barna, Gallup, Pew, Scientific America and Biola University. You can check the links for more detailed analysis.

Barna (May 2017):

Recent studies in America among  practicing Christians who consider their faith important and attend church regularly, show that only 17% actually have a Biblical worldview. Unfortunately, Christians not having a worldview based on the Bible opens the door for “syncretism” (a blending of beliefs). This study points out four tenets of other worldviews that have infiltrated Christian beliefs…


Defending Your Faith 101: The urgency for all Christians to get “basic training” – Truth, Faith and Reason