Defending Your Faith 101: Why we all need to be trained in Christian Apologetics – Take the test

by Teri Dugan

Why we need Christian Apologetics in our culture today:

Once upon a time the United States could call itself a Christian Nation. However, if you’ve had much experience in public education, particularly higher education and the political landscape in general, you are probably in tune to the fact that we are in a post-Christian era and many experts would say that western society has moved toward an anti-Christian culture in general.

Last week we looked at some alarming statistics that should cause all Christians to feel a sense of urgency to become trained in sharing and defending their faith. The best way to get this training comes in the form of “Christian Apologetics” which is not a class offered by many Churches today. However, with an increase in the number of young people leaving the Church, and more and more people in all age categories checking their religious preference as “none,” it should be of paramount importance to include apologetics as a consistent staple of Church teaching.

In today’s world Christians face a battle not just at home, school or the workplace but internationally. Everyone is now involved in some form of social media on the “worldwide web.” Statistics show the top two categories of online literature are either in some form of pornography or religion. What side of the battle will you be on?

“From the shortest texts and tweets to the humblest website, to the angriest blog, to the most visited social networks, the daily communications of the wired world attest that everyone is now in the business of relentless self-promotion–presenting themselves, explaining themselves, defending themselves, selling themselves or sharing their inner thoughts and emotions as never before in human history. That is why it can be said that we are in the grand secular age of apologetics” –Os Guinness

Take the test:

Please take some time to thoughtfully consider the answers to these questions, then assess how you did. If you are not satisfied with your ability to adequately answer each question spend some time with us each week, and other Christian Apologists whose work will be shared here. We are all called to give an answer for the hope that we have in Christ Jesus to everyone who asks! (1 Peter 3:15)

Here’s the scenario: You are in a conversation with a group of people and one or more of the following questions arise. You have only one minute to respond (because that’s the usual attention span of most people in a group conversation). See how you do on seven of the most common questions and objections directed towards Christianity…


Defending Your Faith 101: Why we all need to be trained in Christian Apologetics – Take the test