Five Good Arguments from Five Good Apologists

By Tony Vance

Have you ever encountered an atheist, agnostic, or skeptic of your Christian faith? Perhaps you have had doubts and questions. Maybe you are an atheist or an agnostic. This article is dedicated to those looking for a handful of arguments pointing to the existence of God and for those who are interested in investigating the evidence. This article is also for those who are looking to strengthen their own faith (reasons to believe), or simply to dispel the doubts that can naturally occur.

I have included, what I feel are five of the best arguments for the existence of God. I am not asserting that these are necessarily the five best, but rather, these are five good arguments offered by five different and very good apologists. I’ve included some well known arguments along with maybe a couple you have never heard of (some of them are “related”), but I will summarize each argument and encourage you to check out the particular arguments, as I will link where you may read the full argument yourself.


I’ll start with my good friend Rob Johnson. I’ve affectionately called Rob the ‘rising-rock-star’ of apologetics. He is new in the world of apologetics; a fresh face, a fresh voice, and fresh approach to the discipline of apologetics. His Podcast, ‘Apologetics 105’, is a staple of mine and always strengthens my arguments for God’s existence. Rob uses the classical approach to apologetics and uses one of the strongest arguments for the evidence of God in the Classical Moral Argument (CMA). Although this syllogism is by no means original to Rob, he communicates it with clarity. He describes this argument in the following manner:

“This argument seeks to show that God exists on the basis of morality. In the argument we will look at whether or not morals are objective and if so, how they are grounded.”

The argument is structured in a simple way, easy to remember and easy to articulate. It can be shown as:

1. If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.

2. Objective moral values and duties exist.

3. Therefore, God exists.

Rob fluidly takes you thru each premise and shows strong reasons for their use. He gives a clear definition of the key word, “objective”:

“When I say that something is objective I am saying that it is a truth outside of our feelings and emotions. It’s not based on opinion, it’s factual.”

Just as objective is necessary to define, he shows that there is a difference in values and duties,

“A value is something that is either good or bad; while a duty is something that is right or wrong.”

To help explain this difference Rob uses an example to explain…


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