The Problem of God: An Interview with Mark Clark

by Jonathan Petersen

What conclusions about the Bible and God would you draw if you were raised in an atheistic home, struggled through your parents’ divorce, encountered health problems, and were by nature thoroughly skeptical?

Bible Gateway interviewed Mark Clark (@markaclark) about his disarmingly winsome book, The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to Christianity (Zondervan, 2017).

What’s the meaning of the title?

Mark Clark: The title is taken from an A.W. Tozer quote (which opens the book), that the problem of God (that he exists, and how we should respond to him) is the deepest and most profound question we must face and deal with as human beings.

The word “problem,” of course, has a double meaning: the first layer being like a math problem—an equation or challenge that needs a solution; the second being that, from a skeptic’s perspective, there are a litany of actual issues and problems that a person must deal with and defend if they’re going to believe in God. And those issues are what the book is about (defending belief of God scientifically, philosophically, historically, psychologically, and practically).

Briefly recount your journey from atheism to skepticism to Christian faith.

Mark Clark: I grew up in a very atheistic home. We had no Bible, no church, no prayer, and God was not part of our life at all. I’ve always been a very rational person, only believing in something if there was enough reason and evidence to believe it. So when I was presented with Christianity in high school—after being a teenager who did drugs, stole from every store and parent I could, partied, and did everything else a teenage kid without Jesus does—I needed to make sure it was based, not on hopeful thinking, but on data, reason, and history.

I started to explore Christianity to see if there were logical and rational reasons to believe, not only in God, but in the Christian faith in particular. Through that journey, I discovered—to my surprise…


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