Your Mind for God

by Dr. James Emery White

Those who follow my writings know that the U.K. holds a special place in my heart. I’ve had the privilege of studying at Oxford and visiting numerous times for speaking engagements and personal travel. And of particular interest are places where C.S. Lewis made his mark on the world. Whenever I find myself back in Oxford, England, I try to pop into the Eagle and Child pub, where (as the plaque on the wall reads):

C.S. Lewis, his brother, W.H. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams and other friends met every Tuesday morning, between the years 1939-1962 in the back room of this their favorite pub. These men, popularly known as the “Inklings,” met here to drink beer and to discuss, among other things, the books they were writing.

I confess to loving English pubs and particularly this one. The dark interior, the earthy atmosphere, the informal and congenial banter and, most of all, the aura of the Inklings and their conversations that still seem to reverberate through the air. I typically sit at my favorite little table, just to the side of the fireplace in the “rabbit room” (as it is now called) where the Inklings met. Streams of tourists enter, gaze at the pictures and memorabilia on the wall, and take their pictures. There is a sense of “this is where it happened” written on their faces.

But what, exactly, happened? What is it about Lewis and his friends that creates such a pilgrimage? What has made Lewis in particular the unofficial patron saint of so many Christians around the world?

Certainly not his life, as it was with a Mother Teresa. It has often been suggested that, due to his pipe-smoking, ale-drinking, free-speaking ways, he could not even be hired by the evangelical college that stewards his personal letters…

Your Mind for God – Dr. James Emery White