Evolution’s Fatal Flaw: Lack of Fossil Evidence

by Lisa Quintana

Darwin Goes Ape

In his Origin of Species (1859), Charles Darwin states the discovery of fossil records require slowly changing life from one animal species to another different species by means of natural selection.[1] His theory of evolution speculates that all life comes from one common ancestor at the base of his “tree of life” pattern, and branches out into different genera. Pointing to the lack of fossils in the geological period known as the Cambrian, Darwin believed that fossil evidence of life branching out from a single species would eventually be unearthed. It’s been 150 years now and no such evidence exists.

There is a sudden appearance of animal phyla at the base of the Cambrian era geological records. Instead of slowing evolving life as evolution suggests, complex animal fossils first appeared at the base of the Cambrian. These fossils have been our “base body plans” for most of the major animal groups that are alive today. What developmental path these more complex creatures took is still unclear since no gradually developed fossils have ever been found.

What was the Cambrian Explosion?

The Cambrian Explosion occurred between 540 – 500 Ma (million years ago). If Darwin’s theory is correct, there should be fossils showing the evolutionary development of simple life forms into more complex ones. So far, none have been found.

The Pre-Cambrian Fossil Record

Over 90% of earth’s history took place during the pre-Cambrian period. Most life at this time consisted of primitive, single-cell bacteria. Life changed very little. Evidence points to an abrupt manifestation of new animals that appear to have developed at five times the normal rate — a highly accelerated pace.[2] Why don’t we see that rate of evolution happening today? So far in scientific history, no comparable life changes have evolved since this explosion.[3]

According to Darwin’s theory, there should be numerous fossils demonstrating how complex animal life, with eyesight and spinal cords, evolved…


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