Q & A with Dr. Craig: Atheistic Quagmire

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Dear Dr. Craig

I am a recent convert to Christianity, up until about 2 months ago I was a nihilistic atheist. Because of being an atheist most of my life, the majority of my friends are also atheist and are very eager to tell me how wrong I am about God using the writings of Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. It’s because of you, Alvin Plantinga, Frank Turek, John Lennox, Ravi Zecharias and some C S Lewis that I’ve started to realize that Christianity might be true.

The problem my atheist friends bring up the most against me is they think logic and reason is due to chemical compositions in the brain. They always tell me how all we are are chemicals and electricity and everything is reducible to that.

My question is how can I show that reason and logic are not reducible to molecules and atoms?

I’ve gotten a bit snarky with them lately and I ask them things like “If reason is reducible to chemicals, I want you to stop proving things using science and logic (since they’re products of atoms buzzing) and prove everything chemically and with brain tissue.” Or “If everything is matter, then prove everything to me materially.” They always answer back with “Way back in caveman times, do you think they would understand anything you’re saying? That should show you how logic developed alongside the human brain!” Then I tell them if all we are are chemicals then we can’t come to logical or scientific conclusions since molecules determine our thought patterns. I also tell them that science assumes logic is true, and that logic can never be found inside the universe or discovered since to discover logic in the brain as a molecule or as an atom or physical force in the universe using science, would mean that we would use logic to discover logic which is nonsensical. They then tell me to stop assuming logic is true and at that point I give up…


Q & A with Dr. Craig: Atheistic Quagmire | Reasonable Faith